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viva Alegriia!

Hello everyone!

Well, telling you how this project started is a big challenge. I’ve never been a good writer, much less have the gift of speech!

Life is made of real stories and this project was born from the adversities of life, in this case in the middle of the historical pandemic called Covid19. With so much news about this “sir”, you must have already heard of him!

Everything that was right became uncertain. For us the events were suspended and the need to reinvent ourselves arose!

But starting at the beginning, part of this project was born in 2019, when I (Ana) did my first jobs as a child animator for someone else. I participated in private parties and in schools and for parish councils. I quickly realized that I liked the events and that’s when the animal started to grow and grow and grow… Even starting to work on my own was a little jump!

My big passion has always been face painting! It was in them that we made the first investment to start this project. In the area of children’s entertainment we have always done a little of everything: team games, traditional games, dancing, face painting, even mini-workshops. Today we have a variety of equipment to rent for events: inflatables, popcorn and cotton candy carts, and tents.

We started this project with the commercial name of “Anita” which today, with some great upgrades, has become a more cohesive and professional brand called Studio Alegriia!

As I mentioned, the adversities of life bring us great opportunities, ours was the possibility of carrying out this entire process of rebranding and restructuring the company. It was a dream come true!

I present our brand. Studio Alegriia is born from the union of magic with a double dose of joy: parties and gifts! We want to make a difference by innovating online booking of services for events as well as facilitating the selection and purchase process of an original and environmentally friendly gift. With the mission of making special days even more special, we are here always available to our customers. After all, it is our duty to make the customer smile!

I always talk about this project in the plural, because I’m not alone in it!

I always had the support of all family and friends!

Today, I have a team of young, dedicated professionals and trusted partners!

In particular, I have always been hand in hand with a great friend, a young love and who is now my husband. (I’m really cheesy!) Yes, I’m talking about Michael! Since the first day of this project, he helps me load and unload all the material for the events, takes photographs and is always present, even if it means giving up his weekend, as he works by the week after all. We are committed to each other and both to this project!

Love is just like that and it is for love and with love that we continue to work!

We hope you are as happy as we are! We are here for you and for you, discover and enjoy our website!

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