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Founder and Creative Manager

Ana Filipa


My name is Ana Filipa Ferro. Smiling, dreamy or cheerful… Any of these could be my middle name!

As a person living a human experience on Earth and as a lover of Nature that it has, I am an advocate of a more ecological and sustainable future, with less ecological footprint and with better quality of life.

I argue that we must all play an active role in the future of the planet. I believe this role starts with the ecological values we pass on to younger generations.

In a constant search for the delicacy and simplicity of beautiful things, dreaming, giving magic and life to this project is, out of love, my duty!

Financial Manager


Hello! My name is Michael Calvo and I am Ana’s husband. Surprise!

Conveying values and demonstrating a variety of ecological, sustainable, reusable, recycled and, at the same time, original and fun products is the mission of this project.

I identify myself, share the same values and, in addition, I know my wife’s passion for this project. That’s why I ended up embracing the same together with her.

Watching over the vision and values of this project, as well as its success, makes me very happy!


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