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Pumpkin – The queen of autumn… and of parties!

Hello Autumn!

With the arrival of autumn comes the warm colors and wonderful pumpkins that mark this season!

I’m suspicious on this topic. Born in November, married in October, my passion for this very special season of the year is evident!

Pumpkins are multi-faceted and can do a lot of things! For parties, they complete the scene, from decoration to the most delicious recipes to compose the table!

Do you want to know some of its uses? Stay with us!

Pumpkins in party decoration

From the simplest to the most sophisticated, pumpkins are great decorative elements.

These are best known for their use in Halloween decorations, let’s talk about the scariest day of the year, for now I’ll show you a more beautiful and charming side of pumpkins!

I love autumn so much that I decided to share with you some very personal details. I leave some images of my wedding decoration to inspire you and make you equally in love! I also leave some decorating suggestions for the house… Let your creativity fly!

pumpkins on halloween

Scarier or funnier? Cropped or painted? And what more can we do?

There are so many ways to bring Halloween decor to life!

The truth is that Halloween is one of the most fun days of the year, children love it and adults are not far behind! But before the nightly pranks and “Trick or Treat?” to which to decorate the house strictly! Here are some really cool and funny ideas to start thinking about Halloween decorations. Closer to the date we will share more great ideas! Follow us!

Cut out or Painted Pumpkins?

To create a cut out pumpkin, choose the shape of the pumpkin you want, draw the mold and then cut it out. It’s the most traditional way to turn a pumpkin into a Halloween decoration.

Painting pumpkins is also a very unique option. Plus there is zero probability of cutting a finger! Uhh, scary!

But just cutting or painting? How about some collages? How about combining everything? You can use everything at the same time, it’s a very original combination! Decorate it with adornments such as: diamonds, ears, hats, pompoms… In fact with whatever you want! There is glue and good mood!

Don’t forget to light your works of art with LEDs or candles!

Pumpkins in the kitchen, of course!

As a very nutritious food, pumpkin is used in several dishes: soup, pumpkin porridge, pumpkin afternoon, pumpkin cake, cookies…

With the days to cool off there will be more time to cook. We leave three very young suggestions for your table! (Click on the caption to access the recipes.)

We hope to have contributed originality to your fall season!

Nice decorations and good appetite!

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