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We bring fun, originality and sustainability to your family. All this while you play, teach and enjoy quality time with your kids!

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Studio Alegriia is an online store that promotes and sells essentials and toys that are environmentally friendly, reusable, sustainable and at the same time original and a lot of fun for our children. In addition, the products you will find here actively contribute to the cognitive, motor and emotional development of children.

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We want to be an original, conscientious and visionary Shop! Looking to the near future, we can see a more prosperous generation in terms of ecology and child development. If our children learn from an early age to value the environment, live and interact with it and know what it can “naturally” give us, they […]

We want to make the little ones’ time more joyful, colorful and fun! We love sharing ideas. Therefore, in 2021, our mission is to share a lot of activities! Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the news! Are you ready for the first activity? GET […]

Last Hour – The Scariest News of the Year! It is with a terrified air that we report that it has been decreed by Mr. President that this year the “Trick or Treat” tradition has been canceled and the witches are confined because they have tested positive for Covid! And the pumpkins? The pumpkins… We […]

Hello everyone! Well, telling you how this project started is a big challenge. I’ve never been a good writer, much less have the gift of speech! Life is made of real stories and this project was born from the adversities of life, in this case in the middle of the historical pandemic called Covid19. With […]

Nowadays, the house is no longer just the physical place where we live and live to become also the office of many professionals. There are already thousands of articles written about this change and about the habits to adopt to have a balanced life on a professional and personal level. So I decided, instead of […]

Viva Alegriias of this World! Easter is at hand and we have to occupy these jokers… So let’s give them a super fun mission – the egg hunt! We have an image gallery (below) as a preview of the PDF document, which you can download. As a suggestion, and to make our children very sweet, […]


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