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An Original Shop With Conscious Brands

We want to be an original, conscientious and visionary Shop!

Looking to the near future, we can see a more prosperous generation in terms of ecology and child development. If our children learn from an early age to value the environment, live and interact with it and know what it can “naturally” give us, they will be conscious children, with innate ecological values and will certainly be more developed in their creativity and originality!

“If we want to change something, it’s with the children that we should start. We must respect and educate our children so that the future of countries and the planet is dignified.” Ayrton Senna

In a technological world, where it is increasingly normal for a child to play with a tablet or mobile phone, it is urgent to rethink priorities. With this, we are not saying to “decimate” technology and children’s access to it, but rather to make them aware of other ways of playing, other types of toys and even, if necessary, teaching them to us playing with these toys!

“All great people were once children. But few remember that.” Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Playing outdoors, playing games, socializing, having a vivid imagination is the best part of this life. It is necessary to cultivate fantastic emotions and memories in our children!

One of the biggest challenges of this project was to find brands with the same beliefs and values. We embrace ecological awareness and child development! Even confined, we travel virtually, around the world. There were many hours of research, a priceless learning experience. Communicating with various brands, for different areas of our globe… It was enriching! Each brand is unique and will have its highlight and story on our Blog! Know them all!

Visit our Shop! There you can find from organic plasticine to wooden toys, cork or even cardboard… And not only that, our work will always continue in a constant search for the most original and eco-friendly gifts!

We want the best in the world for our children! Let’s give them a “naturally” fun and original world, the rest for later!

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